OPCOM 2014 for V5 & V6 Chinese tools

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    Here is 2014 OPCOM software for Chinese V5 & V6 tools. (Pass in PM)
    You'll need a tool with 1.59 Firmware or higher for this to work.
    (May work with earlier versions but not tested)
    Extract to your hard drive but don't run anything yet.

    Run OCFlash.exe and click on "Request Interface" this will show you your version.
    (Important! do nothing more until you know what tool you have)

    If you have a Version 5 tool with real PIC 18F458 (Or programable one) you can upgrade to 1.59.
    You can do this by clicking on "Load Firmware" and selecting 1.59, then click "Flash"
    (Be very careful doing this as you can brick your tool, seek advise first)

    If you have a Version 6 tool then you can't upgrade Firmware as it has a fake PIC 18F458
    (Do not flash with OCFlash.exe if you have a Version 6, some can be flashed once)

    To find out which tool you have, you have to open it and look inside.
    You can post pictures here and we'll tell you which one you have.
    I've attached some pictures of a Version 6 tool, usually Version 6 tools have "Ver6.0"
    or "Version 6" written on the PCB and often just "OP-COM written on the chip.

    NOTE: Only flash if you really have to, we take no responsibility for results of flashing!

    Once you are ready run VAUXCOM.exe .. May look like it's frozen but be paitent, it's just slow.


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    Yes, it good, I have higher but need activation, some guy from Bulgaria did for me 3 years ago and it work ...
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