PEUGEOT 206 ME7.4.4 immo off help

Discussion in 'Immobiliser' started by keyzex, 17 May 2019.

  1. keyzex

    keyzex Active Member New Member

    Help me with immo off, dump read with Ktag.

    Brand: PEUGEOT 206 1.6 16V 2003 NFU 109Hk (No A/C)

    Bosch 0 261 208 101


    HV: 0261208101
    SW: 103736631

    Gladly instructions if needed more than writing Immo off files

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  2. Shooting

    Shooting Super Moderator Staff Member

    Easiest way is to read BSI eeprom then generate new Transponder (ID46) with ZedBull etc..

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  3. keyzex

    keyzex Active Member New Member

    Thanks for the reply, yes I know it and have Zed mini. But nothing works that way.

    I bought the car, and it came with three BSI and two ECUs.

    I don't know which ones belong together.
    I will try tomorrow with immo off I did with IUD 3.2

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