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Discussion in 'Immobiliser' started by Tommy.B, 17 December 2019.

  1. Tommy.B

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    Hi guys has anyone managed to succesfully remove the immo and have starting 100% on the VW LT-35 2.5 diesel .
    The Ecu is a EDC15VM+ (2plug connection) which has a seperate immo Box on right hand side of dash . similar immo box to merc sprinter .
    The Ecu numbers are 0 281 010 639 (074 906 018 BC) 24c04 Eeprom 29F400BT Flash
    immo box number (2D0 953 257) 0D62J Processor

    The usual immo off for the edc15vm+ were 1B0 and 1DE = 60 and Fill 124-18f with FF for checksum doesnt work on this as files are different size . and been tried along with about 20 other methods
    The immo box was faulty and i swapped immo box and changed the 0D62J over and Van started but immo light flashed when running and once turned off . the van failed to start again.. So dont know if the immo box only holds the required info in the processor or other chip also
  2. Shooting

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    There is a way in the flash to disable it but not sure of the method


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